Monday, February 8, 2016

Baby Jungle Animal Baby Shower Cake

Super fun to make.  The customer and I used plastic baby jungle animals.  The palm trees were made from Tootsie Rolls logs.  I've never had a customer cry when they saw their cake, until I made this one.  Touched my heart!

Puppy Dog Cake

Hunter turned 2 and enjoyed his puppy dog cake.  This was so much fun to make, especially because it was for a special friend of mine--Rose Espiritu!  Love you, girlfriend!

Rustic Buttercream Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers

Beautiful bride and groom enjoyed their rustic elegant wedding cake at their outdoor wedding and reception.

Girl Dolphin Cake

I had creative license on this cake.  Emily loved it, after her whale watching excursion on her birthday.

50th Golf Cake

My friend Paul Olszewski turned 50 in November 2015.  As an avid golfer, a golf-themed cake was in order.  He loved it, and it was so fun to make for him and his family and guests at the party.  Those Olszewskis really know how to party!

Aimee's Toffee

 was birthed in November 2015.  It's been a dream of mine for a few years, and now it's finally come to fruition.  Sales were through the roof at Christmas.  Aimee's Toffee was able to send $1,000 to Nepal to help buy Christmas blankets for the street kids.  Proceeds go to Going Global, Inc., to help feed, clothe and educate orphans in Southeast Asia.  I'm going to India with Going Global, Inc., Feb. 29, 2016, and expect to minister to 400 widows and 300+ orphans in the Andaman Islands.  I thank my God for allowing me to use my gifts of baking and toffee making to make it possible to follow my dreams.